Bumper Scuffs or Scratch

Abbotts can restore scuffed and scratched paintwork back to its original factory finish. We can often perform a localised repair your bumper, corner scuffs can normally be done without the need to remove, thus keeping the cost of refurbishment down. Dented or split bumper can be repaired using hot welding techniques, this can save the often high costs of purchasing a new one. By using the SMART Repair technique we are able to take care of most localised damaged areas, keeping it to a minimum and blending the repair into the original paintwork.

Prices starting from £85 +VAT

Machine Polishing & Paint Protection

Dull or faded paintwork can not only affect your cars appearance but can also reduce its protection against the elements. This can also lead to permanent damage if left. Machine Polishing will enhance the look of your car by removing small imperfections and scratches, reviving its colour and restoring its gloss.

Prices starting from £95 +VAT. A high quality paint protection system can also be applied to protect you paintwork finish at an additional charge.

Scratch Removal

Some paintwork scratches, typically the type of surface scratches normally see from use from automated car wash system can be removed without the need for repainting. If the scratch cannot be felt with your finger nail, then there is a chance that the scratch has not gone through the top lacquer coat. If this is the case, then it may be possible to remove them by a Machine Polishing and final glazing.

Prices starting from £35 +VAT

Paintless Dent Removal

We are able to remove most minor dents, typically the type of dent you get in a car park from another car door opened onto your vehicle. Using our special tooling we can remove the dent without the need to repainting.

Prices starting from £35 +VAT.

Alloy Wheels

Kerbed or Scratched alloy wheels can seriously reduce the aesthetic appearance of your car and affect its resale value. Refurbishment your Alloy Wheels and remove any scuffs to give your wheels that new look finish again.

Prices from £48.00 +VAT.

Windscreen Chips

If you pick up a Windscreen stone chips it can, if left result in a crack appearing, at this stage you would need to replace your Windscreen which can be very costly. By having a stone chip repaired when they appear can save it from spreading into a crack.

Prices from £50 +VAT.

Plastic Trim Repairs

Plastic trim such as bumper inserts, door trim or handles can be restored back to their original finish. Using our specialist textured paint, we are able to replicate the textured finish of your plastic trim to produce a seamless repair.

Prices starting from £50 +VAT.

End of Lease Refurbishment

When returning your Lease Vehicle at the end of your agreement term, you can be charged heavily for damage that has been caused to your vehicle from day to day wear over the lease term. We are able to inspect your vehicle and discuss the best type of repair method and enable you to control these costs, this can prevent you from an expensive end of lease bill from the hire company.